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    1. 300K

      businesses depend on Symantec for protection


      million threats blocked daily


      cyber security experts fighting crime daily


      What we believe



      Our award-winning partner program is designed to help you increase your profitability and deliver greater value to your customers.

      Find out what joining Secure One will offer you.

      Joining Secure One gives you access to benefits that are:


      Rewards partners who cater to SMB customers.


      Choose the purchasing option that aligns to your business model.


      Grow your business with deal registration, development funds*, and marketing campaigns.

      *Restrictions may apply.

      Looking for more about the benefits of Secure One?

      Secure One Secure One
      Business Benefits

      Secure One offers a host of planning, marketing, and technical benefits that are made to help you grow your business by delivering solutions that your customers can trust.

      Financial Benefits Financial Benefits
      Financial Benefits

      Secure One offers benefits to our partners based on their membership tier. Whether it is deal registration, upfront discounts, or access to performance rebates, Secure One provides our partners with more opportunities to earn.

      Here are the three steps to earning:


      Look over our core values and learn how we can build a strong partnership.



      Click below to start the easy registration process and begin using our tools.



      Start accessing our tools and trainings to help you grow your business by selling more, selling better, selling faster.

      See what partners are saying about Symantec

      Ready to join?

      Have more questions about becoming a partner?

      Symantec’s Partner Service team has answers for you.